A Brief History of
Kulayd an Orange County based vocal group
was formed by
Tony Odell Rogers, the
group's musical arranger and fourth vocalist, in
Rogers decided to form the group after the
disbanding of his former vocal group, West
The first member recruited was
Tracy Bunn
after being spotted by Rogers at a local
Karaoke show.  His energetic rendition of
"Mini the Moocher", was enough to convince
Tony that he was the perfect first choice for
the new ensemble.
The next addition to the group was
, a girl with a voice perfect for singing
the oldies. Tony had seen Miss Tafoya
singing Etta James' romantic ballad
At Last, in
a musical production at Chapman University
and was quick to ask here to be a part of the
Finally rounding off the original group was
George Johnson, a strong tenor with a
smooth voice.
With the singers in place and a friend,
running sound, creating music tracks
and sometimes singing harmony, Kulayd was

A couple of years later George left the group
and was replaced by
Derek Smith, a tenor
with an unbelievable vocal range,  This
London born crooner began his career as a
back up singer for the eighties Electronic Pop
Erasure. While in Kulayd, Derek was
known for his show stopping Elvis
impersonation and his perfect Louie
A year later Vicky also left and was replaced
by Hiram (Jazz) Johnson. Jazz takes audience
participation to a whole new level. Every
show he attempts to sing to every lady in the
audience. In addition to great singing Jazz is
also a Dancing Machine.

Derek would leave the group in 1997 and be
replaced by
Ma May Fucheir. Ma May, a
half French , half  Chinese all American beauty
with more energy than the Energizer bunny,
would charm Kulayd audiences for the next
two years.
Although Kulayd was always know as a four
person vocal group there were really five
members. The fifth member from the
beginning was
Cary Silva. Cary, and old
friend of Tony's from year before the group
was formed, often sang with Kulayd when one
of the others couldn't make it. Cary, with a
beautiful Smoky Robinson type falsetto and a
great ear for harmony, was the perfect man for
the job.
This past April our dear friend Cary passed
away. We really miss him.

After Ma May, around 2000 Derek Smith
returned to the group for a while.
In 2003 the current fourth member,
joined Kulayd. Andy is one of the
most versatile singers you may ever hear. He
can sing anything from James Brown to
Sinatra and everything in between.  Andy also
sings with
"the Soul Shadows".

        To be continued
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