Andy Nemchek

Born near Philadelphia, Pa., in the late 50’s, Andy received a steady diet of the early years of Rock ‘n Roll,
as well as a heaping, helping of the beginnings of the Motown sound, and his main influence, the classic
“Philly” sound of R & B.
Though he showed an early love for all types of music, it wasn’t until the fall of 1975, while attending Penn
State University, that he joined his first band, “Scotch.”
In 1978, Andy moved to Los Angeles, where he spent his evenings singing in amateur showcases. A year
later, he was back on the east coast, fronting a “disco-style” show band called, “Spectrum.” Later, the
band changed its’ name to “After Dark.” Andy toured the east coast hotel circuit for 18 months, before
deciding to settle down with his family.
It wasn’t until 10 years (and many karaoke contests) later, that Andy found himself back in Los Angeles,
met a bunch of musicians from Orange County, and became the lead singer of “Barela,” an 11-piece R & B
In 1999, several members of “Barela,” branched off and created an 8-piece jazz and R & B band called “Dr.
D’s Prescription For Jazz (later changing their name to the “Soul Shadows”).”
Andy has performed on stage, and opened for many famous acts such as Sha Na Na, Malo, Tierra, Pete
Escovido, Little Anthony, Morris Day and the Time, and more. However, the pinnacle of his singing career
occurred the night of September 23, 2000, when, in front of 10,000 people at the Greek Theater, in
Hollywood, Andy joined legendary rock group, “Chicago,” and sang lead on “Old Days.”
You can find out where Andy’s singing, when he’s not on stage with “Kulayd,” by checking out the
websites of “Barela (
www.barelaband.com )” and “Soul Shadows ( www.soulshadows.com ).”